Sunday, December 9, 2012

See how we Celebrate Life!! Watch the video above and join me this 12-12-12!!!

This is what we will create next week on Wednesday ~ CELEBRATION LIFE! Yes, I know, it is somewhat ridiculous!!  Such short time, so much to cause:)  And when we all, the like-minded energies, come together, we can make anything happen.  I am contacting you and the gallery, for collaboration, support, awesome partnership, to joyously create CELEBRATION LIFE next week on Wednesday, 12/12/12 with Ease.  

The Gallery is a beautiful space, good energy.  CELEBRATION is a coming together of many  Artistic Expressions in one place.  We are bringing together singers, dancers, speakers, instrumentalists, painters, healers, to cause the amazing Creative Energy of Life.  Doing the event at your space seems the perfect fit.  You do have artistic expressions in the space, we bring some more, and CELEBRATION LIFE.  And it permeates through the human  community, even though it takes place at this one place, in this one part of the Earth.  I am Excited.  It is Urgent:)  I so look forward to joining hands with you folks, coming together, uniting our Energies, to connect with Artists, and attendees, and creating this Magnificent Event together.  

As the CELEBRATION happens, physically, it cause what it is to, in the Human Community, at this time:)  Your openness, your collaboration, your support, your input, teaming up, will make a difference.  I await your response.  As time is of essence, PLEASE feel free to write a comment below if you are interested to join and confirm your attendance. 


Celebration Life
12-12-12  . 6-10pm . Central Time
525 South State Street  Chicago, IL 60605
You can also visit our Facebook Event page HERE
*If you have additional questions please call: 219-313-3134 or email